Bid/ Build

The traditional method for procuring construction services, the bid/ build method offers very competitive pricing to the owner. Lake View General Contracting is confident in its ability to bid competitively against any other contractor. In contrast, this method also offers limited control to the owner and contractor. In this method, the design team has little opportunity to design and plan the project in a manner that is the most cost effective to the owner. 

design/ build

Design/ build is a process in which the General Contractor is the sole contracting entity that the Owner hires and deals with throughout the design-development and construction processes.  Under this method of project delivery, the General Contractor, or Design-Builder, is responsible for the development of the design, the final design and construction documents, and all construction activities.  Development of the design usually includes geotechnical services, surveying, civil engineering, structural engineering, architectural design, mechanical and electrical design. 

Lake View General Contracting, Inc. does not employ any design professionals in-house.  We prefer to reach out to the design community and employ professional consultants for the various design disciplines.  There are many firms in all of the various disciplines with whom we have excellent working relationships. We have also found that hiring these professionals on an "as needed" basis keeps overhead costs low.

Here are a few reasons why the design/build method is gaining popularity among owners. 

  1.  The design/ build process saves an incredible amount of time. The synchronization of the development, design and construction of a project allows for many disciplines to be working toward completion at the same time. We have also found that schedule delaying problems, especially with tenant improvements, can be identified and addressed far before the actual construction is taking place. This saves time and money by allowing changes to be made when a project is the most flexible, prior to final design or permitting. 
  2. The design/ build process can save money.  In the conventional approach, the owner is responsible for paying separate design and consulting fees. The design team is also often burdened with making decisions for the owner without being responsible for the budget or time effects those decisions can have on a project. We have also found, that many time by the time the original concept is on a set of drawings and in the contractors hands, some of the original intent or desire of the owner is gone. The design/ build method allows the contractor to be involved first hand with conveying the owners needs into actual reality. 
  3. The design/ build process improves cooperation.   Allowing the contractor to team up with design professionals, architects and engineers on a mutually agreeable basis means both parties have a desire to work together. This often overlooked fact can contribute greatly to the timely completion of a project. Communication between the entities involved is often greatly improved, allowing for a more successful project outcome.

Design assist

This method is very similar to and is typically treated the same as the design/ build method. In this delivery method, the owner typically comes to the contractor with a concept design and a partially selected design team. In this method, regardless of whom works for whom, all parties work together to assist in the design and construction of the project. In this method, Lake View General Contracting is still able to use it's vast experience and knowledge to provide important feedback to the design team and owners, allowing each party to offer their best to the owner. 

term contract for facilities

Lake View General Contracting is always open to discuss term contracts for ongoing facilities repair and maintenance. This method allows for seamless budget estimating and feedback for the care of a group of facilities.  Under a term contract, Lake View General Contracting can be on call to handle all your construction needs, from emergency repairs, to tenant improvement estimating and design assistance.