Fishing Trip down on the Kenai between Lake View General Contracting and Spenard Builders Supply

                                     Fishing Trip down on the Kenai between Lake View General Contracting and Spenard Builders Supply

The Company

Since 2001, Lake View General Contracting, Inc. has been providing professional project management and construction for projects throughout Alaska.  Ray Kizer, President of the firm, has over 35 years of experience in the construction industry in Alaska. His varied construction experience throughout the state is an asset to any client. Lake View General Contracting is licensed, bonded and insured as a General Contractor in the State of Alaska. The company can bond up to $12,000,000 on any single job with a $20,000,000 aggregate bonding limit. Since inception, Lake View General Contracting has maintained strong financial stability. Currently, we have the financial ability to control funds for larger projects consistent with our bonding limits. Lake View General Contracting is proud to have the resources typically seen with larger contractors, while still maintaining a size and work load that allows for excellent customer attention.

Lake View General Contracting has a long history of successfully performing difficult projects for many Alaskan companies and organizations. We believe in a cohesive team effort on all of our projects. We work directly with our prime subcontractors to successfully provide pricing and constructibility services.


Quality Control

We understand that quality, safety and efficiency are the three most important markers during construction. The Project Managers and Superintendents utilize and recognize their responsibility of quality control and work with the entire team to achieve a healthy and safe atmosphere. Overall Lake View is ultimately responsible, but we believe and educate that our entire on-site teams are held accountable for achieving safe, efficient working standards. It starts with the Superintendent and goes through the entire site crew right down to the guy tightening nuts and bolts. With this philosophy, everyone is working together with a watchful eye and dedicated spirit.

Submittals are checked thoroughly before items are ordered and we also do thorough inventory searches of all material that reach the job site. Lake View General Contracting preforms weekly quality control meetings as well as safety meetings with all
hands working on site.

Our construction QC program is designed to accomplish the following:
1. Assure that the work is executed to guard against defects and deficiencies and to substantiate that the
construction complies with the project specifications and/or requirements.
2. Confirm that the actual materials and supplies delivered to the site and incorporated into the work
conform to the specifications and the approved submittals.
3. Confirm that all installations are conducted in accordance with the Manufacturer’s written installation
instructions and/or specifications and that installers are qualified to perform their work.

All special inspection and testing work are documented with written reports. All persons performing the
QC/QA work have sufficient authority and organizational autonomy to identify quality problems and to
initiate, recommend, and verify implementation of solutions.



Lake View General Contracting maintains an excellent fleet of vehicles, equipment and tools to efficiently see the completion of many different types of projects. Much of this equipment is specially fitted to handle the harsh environment Alaska can offer. 

In addition to our tools and equipment, Lake View General Contracting also maintains a year round workforce of highly qualified and experienced superintendents, carpenters, iron workers and general laborers. All of the superintendents working for Lake View General Contracting have a minimum of 20 years of experience running projects in Alaska. 

Lake View General Contracting maintains a 3,000 square foot facility in Palmer, complete with office space, large conference room, heated shop, and a large outdoor yard.



Ray Kizer, President

Mr. Kizer has over 35 years of construction and project management experience in Alaska, including 25 years of remote Alaska experience. His experience includes all facets of project management from cost estimating to project close‐out. His varied construction experience throughout the state and his extensive experience performing projects in Anchorage will be an asset to the successful completion of any project. Some of his specific project experience includes the following:

  • Able Body Shop and Total Truck Renovation 2018
  • Alaska Native Heritage Center Phase II Classrooms 2017
  • Rasmuson Office Renovation 2016
  • GCI AOC Office Renovation 2015
  • Alaska Native Heritage Center Mable Pike Education Center 2015
  • UAA Beatrice McDonald Hall Renovation 2014
  • GCI KTVA 2013

The founder of Lake View General, Ray Kizer operates the company and is involved in all aspects of its operation. From working with clients in the development and design of a project, to the final closeout walk through. Ray stays involved in all projects, ensuring quality and an excellent experience for each client. In addition to construction, Ray also is a partner in groups that own and operate several restaurants in south-central Alaska. These include McGinley's Pub, Fire Tap, BurgerFi and Krispy Kreme Restaurants.


Shannen Heussner, Accounts Payable

Mrs. Heussner is our main Accounts Payable contact and oversees billings and payments between companies and Lake View employees. All billing and invoices should be directed to Shannen.

Ann Kizer, Accounts Payable | Office Manager

Mrs. Kizer is our secondary Accounts Payable contact and main Office Manger to Lake View General Contracting, Inc.

Dave Dunkelberger , Project Superintendent

Mr. Dunkelberger has over 35 years of experience in the construction field including numerous years as a Site
Superintendent. His experience includes all phases of commercial construction. He has successfully served as
the Foreman or Site Superintendent on numerous projects throughout Alaska including projects located in
Unalaska. His specific project experience includes the following:

  •  GCI South Anchorage Roof Replacement 2017
  •  Rasmuson Office Renovation 2016
  •  GCI AOC Office Renovation 2015

Mr. Dunkelberger specific project responsibilities include site supervision of craft personnel and subcontractors, conducting daily safety meetings, and the overall safety and management of all personnel on-site.


Jessie Hall, Project Superintendent

Mr. Hall brings 25 years of construction experience to the Lake View General Contracting team. His experience and knowledge are a valuable asset for our company.

Charlie, Personnel Management

Charlie, a pure bred Beagle, serves as the Personnel Manager for the Lake View General Contracting office in Palmer. Her days are spent overseeing work, often from the comfort of her bed or one of the fluffy leather chairs at the front desk waiting area. She also provides security services, letting everyone know when we are being attacked by UPS, FEDEX and USPS delivery drivers.

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