GCI/KTVA Studio renovation/ DENALI MEDIA

In 2013 Lake View General Contracting, Inc. was tasked with providing construction services in the renovation of the KTVA Studio/ Denali Media in Anchorage, Alaska. The Studio was a fast tract project developed in December 2013 and completed in August 2014. The typical television studio of this size and complexity takes generally 2 years from design to air.  The final product turned out to be Alaska's first HD television production. The studio was later voted the "2013 Best Set of the Year" by Newcaststudio.com. Watch the video below showcasing the new set. An article about the Best Set of the Year award can also be found below.

  • Initial Construction Cost: $3,434,737
  • Final Construction Cost: $4,300,000
  • Start of Construction: January 2013
  • Substantial Completion Date: August 2014
  • Final Completion Date: September 2014
  • Project Manager: Ray Kizer
  • Project Superintendent: Jessie Hall
  • Primary Subcontractors: AK Concrete & Sawing, All AK Acoustics, BC Excavating, Chinook Fire Protection, EP Roofing, JD Steel, Mega Watt, Mechanical Specialists, Otis Elevator, Precision
  • Woodworking, Rainbow Builders, Siegel, Statewide, Viking Drywall, Williamson Painting
  • Owner’s Information: Denali Media Holdings, Inc. Project Manager Trent McNelly
  • Architect/Engineer: Burkhart Croft Architects  
  • Length of Business Relationship with Owner:  Since 2002
  • Cost Control Methods during Construction: Open Book Estimate